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InstaMagical.com Spreads the Magic to bring success in Online Marketing

Social networking is no longer just about socializing. Business masterminds have turned it into a full-fledged marketing tool that can help businesses expand through target marketing. Instagram is one such social networking platform which will help business to grow steadily while strengthening their bond with their customers.

There is a saying, ‘A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words…’ It is true! One golden rule of thumb when it comes to marketing a business online is to opt for photo-based advertisements. Such advertisements can go viral and rapidly increase user engagement. Given this scenario, the magi of Instagram is undeniable.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos. This platform allows users to take pictures and capture short videos and apply digital filters. Users can then share those photos and videos on a multitude of social networking platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Tumblr. This allows multi-platform marketing with minimized cost.

However, just posting photos and videos is not enough. One needs to have a good number of fans and followers who can see those photos and videos. Acquiring fans and followers on Instagram is not easy and it can be time consuming. Businesses may need to hire someone to do this dedicatedly. That’s a good idea because it allows a certain degree of management freedom but the downside is the recurring cost in terms of monthly salary for the hired person and allocating office resources such as computer, desk etc.

There is a better alternative that can help small, medium or large business owners to minimize the recurring cost. Instamagical provides a host of unique services which can directly cut these costs and provide business owners the required flexibility to mobilize those resources to increase core competency of their businesses.

Expand Your Business Online

Instamagical is meant for those business owners who want to use Instagram for their business expansion through target or general social marketing. In exchange of a small amount of money Instamagical takes the responsibility of expanding the fan or follower base for a business.

User engagement rules can differ from one business to another. For some business, increasing the follower base may be more important than getting more comments on their products and services. For some other business a boost in Instagram likes can be equally important as an increase in total number of followers. What kind of social marketing works out well will depend on the nature of the business and is to be decided by the business owners for they know their business better than others. The real challenge chips in when it comes to acquiring popularity on Instagram platform.

This is exactly where professional services from Instamagical becomes handy. Business owners can buy Instagram followers against a small one-time cost if their sole target is to expand their follower base. For a small fee of 15 USD, Instamagical provides 1000 Instagram followers. These are real followers with real accounts on Instagram. There is no hard and fast rule about the total number of times the service can be used by a business. Every time the business shells out $15, Instamagical brings 1000 new and unique followers for the business. This is a perfect solution for any small and medium scale business trying to reach out for more and more customers globally. For those looking for reducing expenses over long run can go for alternate packages which are far more cost-effective when compared to the basic package.

For those businesses that are looking for targeted marketing, Instamagical also provides a custom tailored package. This feature allows keyword targeting and those who are looking for these keywords will be added as new followers for the business. Targeted marketing is perfect for niche business or business with demographic limitations.

Businesses need to understand that every penny they spend on social media marketing needs to be well-spent. There are several hoax or scam companies operating out there in market which make similar promises but end up providing fake followers on Instagram. Unlike those scam businesses, Instamagical provides legitimate followers. With Instamagical, businesses and even individuals can buy real Instagram followers who will never vanish in thin air all of a sudden. These real followers are meant to stay and become loyal over time.

Get Likes on Your Pictures and Be Famous

Just like Instagram followers, Instagram likes can also play a vital role in business growth and expansion. The more the number of likes, the greater are the chances of attracting new followers and converting them into loyal customers. With Instamagical, business owners can buy Instagram likes against a small one-time cost. Business owners can buy the same package as many times as they want to boost up the number of likes for their products and services.
Instamagical provides several custom packages that will help businesses to expand. A business owner is free to select the package that suits the business requirements and marketing budget. These packages are designed to reduce long term marketing costs on Instagram social networking platform.